Fc fachai slot Carlos Pasini Hansen


Schooling Buenos Aires, Manila, Geneva. Entered School of Film and Television, ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART, London 1966. Graduated as MASTER OF ART (RCA) in 1969.
Has worked in the UK and abroad for several Network Television and Theatrical Film companies as Director, Writer, Producer of Features, Drama, Documentary, Current Affairs, Series and Single Programmes.

His films have won international Awards: "Best of Festival" (Chicago), "Best Network Film" (Chicago), "Gold Camera" (New York), "Blue Ribbon" (New York).

Has Directed Commercials for various Production Companies in the UK and abroad.

In Italy has worked as Director,Producer and 1992/1999 as President and Head of Production of Film Master Film, Srl Member of:

BECTU - Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph & Theatre Union, London.
DGGB - Directors Guild of Great Britain, London
PACT - Producers Alliance for Cinema & Television, London.
FidA - Federazione Italiana dell' Audiovisivo, Rome.
EFA - European Film Academy, Berlin.
DAC - Directores Argentinos Cinematograficos, Buenos Aires.

Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese.

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